Seminar Date Location
Boomer/Senior Life One Day Rally
October 26, 2016
Georgetown, TX
James Has Written the Following Seminars:
1. Creative Ideas for New and Experienced Senior Adult Ministers
2. Why Aren’t More Senior Adults Being Evangelized?
3. Helpful Hints When Visiting the Hospital
4. Maintaining a Personal Visit to the Homebound
5. Reaching Today’s Unchurched Generations
6. Making Lasting Impressions in/for Your Sunday School Class
7. Strategies for Reaching Senior Adults-(from our perspective and from their perspective)
8. Definition of a Sunday School Teacher
9. Reaching and Ministering to Senior Adults in Our Community
10. Leading Senior Adults to Invest in a Spiritual Legacy
11. Developing a Sunday Morning Agenda for My Sunday School Class
12. Hospice-Taking the Mystery Out of Hospice
13. Caregiving-The Real Heroes
14. Biblical Passages Related to Aging
15. Long Distance Caregiving
16. Theological Perspectives of Aging
17. Adult Children and Their Aging Parents
18. Parents and Their Single Again Children
19. Your Final Instructions (what my family needs to know before/after my death)
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